Console / Pre-Amps

MCI JH440 Console, 32 channels (1974) (Jensen transformers, recapped and upgraded 2007, Sage Audio Dot discrete opamp replacements 2014)
AML ez1073-500 mic pre / eq (2)
BAE API 312 (original 2520 opamps, made from 325 cards from the "Electric Ladyland Console") (4)
A-Designs Pacifica (2 channels)
Gates 61A tube mic preamps (6J7 circuits circa 1945) (2)
RCA BA-31 mic preamp (2)
Creation Audio Labs MW-1 Studio Tool (Transformerless Di/Reamp)


Ampex MM1200 2" 24/16 Track Tape Machine
Pro Tools 12 w/ Avid HDX Converters (48 I/O)
Tascam MS16 1" 16 Track Tape Machine
Tascam BR-20 1/4 in 2 track
Otari MX5050 1/4 in 2 track


Auratone 5C's (Matt Poirier’s)
Genelec 1030A Powered Monitors
Presonus Temblor Subwoofer
Quested VS2108 8 inch powered monitors
Yamaha NS10 passive monitors
Yamaha NS40 3 way, passive monitors


AEA R84 (2)
AEA A440
AKG 414 B-ULS (3)
AKG 414 original
AKG D112
Coles 4038
Neumann U67 (1960s)
Neumann KM184 (2)
Rode NT1
Shure KSM 32 (3)
Sure SM57 (5)
Sennheizer MD 421 (3)
Telefunken-Elektroakustik ELA M 260 (2)
Telefunken M81s (2)


ADR Compex 760 stereo compressor/limiter (vintage)
Daking Fet II Limiter / Compressor (2)
DBX 162VU stereo compressor
Dramastic Audio Obsidian 500
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (2)
Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A
Gates SA-39B tube compressor / limiter
Warm WA-76


AML ez 1073-500 (Mic Pre / EQ)  (2)
Audio-Arts 4100 (Parametric EQ / Mic Pre) (2)
Manley Massive Passive (Stereo Tube EQ)
RCA BE-100 (Very Rare) Broadcast EQ Channels (2) 
Urei 545  
Urei 530
Urei 535
Urei 565T Filter set (Little Dipper)
Warm EQP-WA 

Processors / effects

Boss Auto Wah AW-2
Boss Equalizer GE-7
Boss Flanger BF-2
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
DOD American Metal FX56
DOD Compressor 280
DOD Flanger 640
Dunlop Stereo Tremolo
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
Electro Harmonix PolyChorus
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
EMT 140 Plate Reverb (vintage)
Eventide H3000 - D/SX
Ibanez AD9 Delay
Lexicon LXP 1
Lexicon PCM70
Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
Maestro Fuzz
Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
Mu-Tron Phasor
MXR distortion+
MXR Stereo Chorus
ProCo RAT with LM308 chip (2)
Roland RE-150 Space Echo
Tascam RS20 Spring Reverb
Yamaha REV7
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Zvex Lo-Fi Junky
Zvex Super Duper


Ludwig Bass Drum (22 in) (1970s)
Rogers Holiday Bass Drum (20 in) (1940s)
Slingerland toms (13, 14,16 in) (1970s)
Tama Maple Imperial Star kit (13, 14, 16, 24 in) (1970s )
WFL Marching Bass Drum (26 in) (1940s)

Snare Drums

Ludwig Acrolite (5 1/2 in) (1970s)
Ludwig Supraphonic (5 1/2 in) (1986)
Premier chrome (5 1/2 in) (1990s)
Premier wood (5 1/2 in) (1990s)
Truth custom in maple (7 in) (2000s)
WFL wood (5 1/2 in) (1950s)


Dream Bliss Crash / Ride (22 in)
Paiste 400 crash (16 in)
Paiste 602 (Ludwig by Paiste) “Medium” Hi hats (very light) (13 in )
Paiste 3000 Heavy Ride (22 in)
Sabian Hand-Hammered Hi Hats (original) (14 in)
Zildjian A Ride (vintage) (22 in)
Zildjian A Ride with rivet holes (vintage) (22 in)


Danelectro 59-DC reissue (1990s)
Danelectro Innuendo (1990s)
Danelectro Mod 6 (1990s)
DiPinto Galaxie IV Sunburst (2006)
Fender Telecaster w/ Bigsby
Gibson J-185 Acoustic (2000)
Gibson SG Special (1965)
Rickenbacker 330 (1989)
Silvertone (1960s)


Ampeg Custom modified V4 head (1970s)
Ampeg V4B (1970s)
BadCat WildCat 40 - 2×12 Class A (2000)
Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue (2000)
Gibson Skylark 10 W all tube (1960s)
Valco Supro 15 W all tube (1960s)
Kauffman ’59 Bass Man (built from original parts)
Leslie 145/147 (1950s)
Leslie 122 Tall Boy (1950s)
Matchless Thunderman (1990s)

Drum Machines

Korg DDD-1 (1980s)
Korg / UniVox SR 120 (1970s) (2)
Roland TR-505 (1990s)


Casio SK1
Cunningham Matchless Upright Grand Piano (with tacks)
Fender Mark II Rhodes piano
Fender Mark IV Rhodes piano (perfect condition)
Hammond B-2 organ (with Trek2 percussion)
Korg Monophonic MS10 synthesizer
Mason and Hamlin Upright Grand Piano (2006 restrung, 2011 new hammers)
Roland Juno-6 Polyphonic Synthesizer
Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer
Yamaha PSR-6