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Brian McTear
Production History
Fall 2006

Brian McTear was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. His musical endeavors began in high school performing and writing songs with his band The Marinernine (AKA Mariner 9).

During the Mariner nine years Brian and band mate Jason Knight began operating a small recording studio in their West Chester living room.  By 1996 Miner Street Recordings moved to Manayunk in Philadelphia hoping to be near bands like Bardo Pond and the Lilys, and where they began to record local artists such as Eltro, the Lucys, and many others .

In 1999, after Knight moved to California, McTear partnered with Live Sound Engineer Gary Ferenchak (GWAR, Good Charlotte), who ran a studio, Cycle Sound in a larger space across the street from Miner Street.

From 1999 to 2005, they built the studio into an impressive vintage analog/digital hybrid. There McTear gained the respect of the Philadelphia music community, and was named Best Producer by the Philadelphia CityPaper in April 2002. In November of that year, an advance copy of the debut album for his project Bitter bitter weeks was called 2003's Best Record Already in the same paper, and in December 2002, a month before the album release, McTear was featured on the cover.

In short it is difficult to say whether McTear is simply a producer/engineer, or a musician and songwriter. Over the years each has given leverage to the other, making McTear a person to watch in the coming years.

In the Spring of 2005, McTear and new partner, Amy Morrissey, wrote and recorded the film score for Pennsylvania director Lance Weiler's second movie, Head Trauma. Weiler's love for the avant-gard, and admiration for McTear's old band The Marinernine brought them together for the project.

Then in late 2005, McTear and Morrissey designed and built a new home for Miner Street Recordings in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Fishtown. Like the previous incarnations, the new studio is inspiring and comfortable, but this time it is bathed in daylight from all directions and it is designed from the ground up featuring new gear, all new wiring, balanced technical power and custom acoustic design.

McTear’s stand-out production and/or engineering credits include: Matt Pond PA, Mazarin (3 1/2 stars Rolling Stone, Single of the week NME), The Trouble with Sweeney (5 out of 5 Alternative Press), The Bigger Lovers (4 stars Rolling Stone), The Capitol Years, The Burning Brides, The A-sides, Hail Social, BC Camplight, Danielson and others (see the complete discography)