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Full Length Projects

Bitter, bitter weeks Revenge (My Pal God Records) 2004
Produced by Amy Morrissey, Brian McTear and Christopher Bradley
Bitter, bitter weeks Bitter, bitter weeks (My Pal God Records) 2003

Washington Social Club Catching Looks (Bad Man Recording Co.) 2004

The Bigger Lovers This Affair Never Happened...And Here Are Eleven Songs About It (Yep Roc Records) 2004
The Bigger Lovers
Honey in the Hive (Yep Roc Records) 2002
Engineered by Brian McTear, Produced by Thom Monahan

Matt Pond PA The Nature of Maps (Polyvinyl Records) 2002
Matt Pond PA The Green Fury (Polyvinyl Records) 2002
Matt Pond PA This is NOT the Green Fury vinyl EP (Polyvinyl) 2002
Matt Pond PA I Thought You Were Sleeping EP (File-13 Records) 2001
Matt Pond PA Measure (File-13 Records) 2000

Mazarin Odessa b/w Only Colombe 7 in “Single of the month club” (Sub Pop Records) 2002
Mazarin A Tall Tale Story Line (SpinArt Records) 2001
Mazarin Watch it Happen (Victoria Records USA/ Rocket Girl Records UK) January 2000

Espers Espers (Locust) 2004
mixed by Brian McTear, recorded by Greg Weeks

Eltro Past and Present Futurists (Absolutely Kosher) 2003
Velodrome (Absolutely Kosher) 2001
Eltro Information Changer (Miner Street Recordings) 1998, (Absolutely Kosher Records) 2002

The Trouble with Sweeney I Know You Destroy! (Burnt Toast Vinyl) 2002
The Trouble with Sweeney Dear Life (Burnt Toast Vinyl) 2001

The Burning Brides Fall of the Plastic Empire (File-13 Records) 2001, (V2 records) 2002

Swearing at Motorists This Flag Signals Goodbye (Secretly Canadian) 2002

Los Halos Leaving Virginia (Loveless Records) 2003
Los Halos
For Ramona (Loveless Records) 2002
Recorded by Eli Wenger, mixed by Brian McTear

The Sugar Skulls The Waking Hour (BAK Records) 2002

1929 Last But Not Leased (SiltBreeze Records) 2003

The Capitol Years Jewelry Store EP (Full Frame Records) 2002
Co-produced by Thom Monahan

Brady Brock Warm American Sweater (In Music We Trust/Feel Records) 2003
Engineering from Brian McTear, Produced and Engineered byThom Monahan

The Natural History Beat Beat Heartbeat (Startime International) 2003
Engineering from Brian McTear, Produced by Thom Monahan

The Low Budgets Go For Broke (Akhenation Music/Schuykill Records) 2003

Lefty's Deceiver Cheats (My Pal God Records) 2002
Lefty’s Deceiver Process Junior EP (My Pal God Records) 2001
Lefty’s Deceiver Conversations on Favored Nations Happy Couples Never Last 2001

The Echo Orbiter Laughing All the While Looking Glass Workshop 2001
The Echo Orbiter Presents Looking Glass Workshop 1999

She Haw Not About Love (Shoeshine Records) 2001

Swisher Over Nothing (Alienation Real Estate) 2000
Swisher (Self Titled) 1999

Ruby Keeler Shiver Shiver (RouteFourteen Records) 2000

The Lucys Looking for a Plane or Two (Tappersize Records) 1999
The Lucys Anselmo (Compulsiv Music) 1997
The Lucys Unless You Come 7 in “Looks for a Forest” (Tappersize Records) 1998
The Lucys “Somewhere” 7 in b/w “Nobody Will” & “Cut it Down”, (Miner Street Recordings) 1997

Emma Garden City 44 (Schwa Disc) 1999

The Legend of Boggy Creek Self Titled (Amelia Records) 1999

The Mark Boyce Combo The Last Temptation of the Mark Boyce Combo (MB3 Records) 1998

The Marinernine A little something from the Weathervane’s Perspective (Miner Street Recordings) 1997
The Marinernine "Spiderweb" b/w "Foggy Dew" 7 in (Kingtone Records) 1997

Selected tracks from:
Kincaid Good Citizen of the Month CD (Kindercore Records) 1997
Kincaid “Eleanor Roosevelt”/Joe Christmas “Two ways a thousand times” (featuring cover art by (my hero) Michael Stipe) (Kindercore Records) 1996

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Projects Mastered

Nodel Sound of the Butterfly (My Pal God Records) 2002

The Butler A Life of Service (Roof Rack/Space Boy Records) 2001
The Butler Tight Shorts (Roof Rack Records) 2001

Numbers What Good Girls are Good For (Roof Rack Records) 2001

Mike Simons The Longest Five Minutes of Your Life (Roof Rack Records) 2001

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Television Soundtrack Compositions

The following productions feature songs written and produced by Brian McTear, Matthew Pond and Mike Kennedy

Going Nowhere, A short animated series for The Oxygen Network Theme song

Pilot Episode soundtrack

Episode 2 Soundtrack

Dreamy and Gossamer
Station identification spots for the Oxygen Network

Nature Identifications
Station identification spots for the Oxygen Network

Who Does She Think She Is?
Theme Song
Series aired daily on the Oxygen Network

Pure Oxygen
Theme Song
Series aired twice Daily on the Oxygen Network

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Songs included on Albums

Selected tracks from :
Undergirl She’s too much for my mirror (Scarlet A Records) 2001

Selected tracks from :
Wayward Wind Drenched and Drained (Schwa-Disk Records) 2001

“San Francisco”
Butterfly Joe (Self Titled) (Razler Records) 1999

Reizoko (Self Titled) (Jonas Blank/ Miner Street Recordings) 1998

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Additional 7 inches/singles

Genuine The Pessimist Project (Temperance Records) 1997

Rugboy/Gritty Kitty split “Placeholder 18” (Kindercore Records) 1996

The Lost Man 3 song EP “Natural Disaster” and “Infectious” ( Kindercore Records) 1996

Stunt Double Swingin Daredevils EP (Kingtone Records) 1996

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